Meet the Murphy’s

Meghan, Sandy & Madison


Byndel was born through a conglomeration of needs, desires, dreams, gifts and relationships from our family. We, the Murphys, love to dream big and we look forward to seeing how the Lord will use byndel in Birmingham.

Madison, the mind behind byndel, has run Full Pantry, a local boutique grocery delivery business for the past 3 years and has seen a need for quality local Birmingham gift boxes.

The name came from an old Anglo Saxon spelling of the word "bundle" which is defined as a "number of things put together". That is exactly what we want to do, put a number of lovely, desirable, creative, delectable things together for you to give to show someone you care in a unique way! We hope you can share the love of Birmingham with others and yes, we want your input, because we are still dreaming.....

About byndel

A byndel is a gift, an assortment of Birmingham items that make us all glad we live in this city. A Byndel box speaks to a lifestyle. It’s a way of gratitude, of saying thank you well, of giving with whole heartedness, and of sharing with individuality. Byndel boxes were made because we believe that life is summed up by the moments we thoughtfully give and beautifully care. That giving more and giving well should be a way of life and can be a contagion that leaves
people loved and different. 

These boxes are more than presents. They’re personal thank you’s. They’re carefully crafted and collected evidences of gratitude and cheer. By searching and supporting the businesses that we all love and cherish, we’ve put all of the attentive thought behind the giving for you.

We’ve looked and learned and gathered and met up with all of the dreamers and doers around this scene of revive Birmingham…and we’re so very sure that our city has so many small ways of bringing joy that must find themselves together in one box. 

Byndel boxes are the sequel to all of our findings and our way of saying that the dearest things in life are meant for sharing. We’ve done the gathering for you… the idealism of a gift is now yours to give.